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The inspiration for my final project came out of a collection of wedding magazines that I have been slowly piling in my bedroom over the years. What caught my attention where very dim color pallets and the fine detail that is shown. Within that detail, I began to notice pattern. To me, a pattern is a system. From there I began to notice textures and repetition, all in which i kept stumbling upon in my wedding magazines. Right there, I knew I wanted to work from with paper.

Working with paper seemed like a great idea. I wanted to be able to show pattern and system both through my work in a two-dimensional plane as well as a more tangible experience for the viewer and myself. I began playing with paper, experimenting with paper, I was trying to see what worked and what didn’t. I thought back to how it was that I came to the conclusion that this is what I wanted to do and it suddenly became clear to me. My mind tends to wonder off when flipping through a book. ANY book. I wanted to incorporate that.

Personally, the Canterbury Tales is a long and tedious book to get through. Almost impossible. It seemed like the perfect book to add to the project.

Somewhere in my mind I knew I followed a system. I do so in my routines. It only makes sense that the work we produce follows a kind of system aswel and although I have always done so, this class has really help me visualize this and make more sense out routines within my work.


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With no instructions and no defined path the mind tends to take over. During this project we were not given any true instructions. I was able to realize that my own mind was working at creating patters and systems in every attempt at any work I created.


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This was a very different experience from the left pointed shots. In this exercise I was forced to pay attention and look for specific objects. Objects one normally does not notice on a regular walk.

Left pointed

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During a 15 minute of left handed pointed photographs, the experienced is much appreciated afterwards. This allowed me to take a closer look at things in which I dont normally pay attention to as i walk and especially at that height.

Occupational Handbook

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Assigned the letter C, we had to create a system in which the occupational handbook was much easily conveyed. The introduction to every new career consisted of a flap that had the main key points on the left and similar jobs on the right. As you continued through the pages, the logo repeated itself in the top left and an image of the career was displayed on the top right. Following was the description of the career path.

Collected Book

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Using a large amount of old magazines, I was able to put together a book of other collected books.

Using a system I made this uniform. The book was organized by color and typefaces. Full body figure was never fully shown and the book consisted of very geometric text boxes.


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Creating patters was a somewhat meditative exercise. It allowed our creativity  to take control of what was being made without any restrictions.

I began by playing around with circles and adding more linear geometric shapes to the mix. By doing so, I unconsiously created even more circles. This was an exciting surprise during the time of process because it allowed me to create more options when color was later added.

Circle Poster

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