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My final book process is generated from my system of choice, where I created a puzzle from a pattern. The idea there, was that from a pattern / puzzle people get lost inside, and find more interesting things. So the aspect of recreating, reorganizing, or taking that aspect, and making it yours. So for this final, I took a step further in the meaning behind a texture or a pattern. I realized that certain textures and patterns relate more to certain people. Reason being is that it reflects their personality and character, so I created a system that compared and corresponded patterns with people attributes. I choose to do my closest friends because then they wouldn’t be afraid to tell their flaws as well as their good characteristics. Not only that, but I also want this to be somewhat of a personal project and I also believe that it wouldn’t have worked as well.

With the help of the computer program Alchemy I asked people to create a pattern for me. It was very important that I collected their very first pattern because that was the one that just came out of their body through their arm and onto the computer. Afterwards I asked them how that pattern related to them in terms of characteristics, personality traits, feelings, etc… I was surprised by the outcomes. Some of the patterns were quite similar, yet they had a completely different meaning to them, and vise versa. ┬áIt just showed that everyone is different and unique in their way. No one is the same. Now I have this group of patterns that correlates with my friends, and this group shows how everyone has a part to play, and it comes together to form a family.

Puzzle within a Puzzle / Philippe

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