Namu – Generative System

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My system involved cutting the corners off of random scraps and papers I came across throughout the week. At the end of my collecting, I ordered them all by size. Then I would same the first four on the top of the pile, arrange them into a diamond and tape them down. I took the next four and did the same, deciding them that one of the triangles of the new diamond unite would always overlap one from the previous. Doing this until I ran out of triangles, I came out with this very textured and colorful spiralesque form.

generative system

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I did my one week assignment again, so it is different from what I had in class.

I cut small squares out of random 6 consecutive pages from a book and made into a cube (1″x1″). Then, I started to use it like a dice to analyze this book.

For each page, I threw the dice, and crossed off the words that appear on the face of dice.

Some of the pages got more words crossed off than the others, and some of them got less.

Surprisingly, many of pages got thirty to forty percent of words crossed off.

Once I get done with every page, I am thinking to reorder the book from pages that had less words crossed off to more words crossed off , which means more unique pages to banal pages.


Generative System

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Vertical Lines

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After going around providence within a certain time limit, I took interesting photos of something vertical on the left. The book was then cut in half so that you can match it with other photos in the book, creating new compositions each time. There is also the option of viewing the entire photo as well, as long as both the top and bottom have the same number of pages flipped.


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This book had two major parts. The first being full bleed images, while the second were images from print magazine. Each part was separated into two parts with text in the beginning before the section of images. Each section was separated by an image of a watch.


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With no instructions and no defined path the mind tends to take over. During this project we were not given any true instructions. I was able to realize that my own mind was working at creating patters and systems in every attempt at any work I created.


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This was a very different experience from the left pointed shots. In this exercise I was forced to pay attention and look for specific objects. Objects one normally does not notice on a regular walk.

Left pointed

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During a 15 minute of left handed pointed photographs, the experienced is much appreciated afterwards. This allowed me to take a closer look at things in which I dont normally pay attention to as i walk and especially at that height.

Puzzle within a Puzzle / Philippe

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Philippe / Litter

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Philippe / Left Pointed

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Falling Vowels

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My Random/Generative system project was done as an experiment. I chose to play in the typeshop, using the vowels (because there was a lot of them) from one of the drawers of Univers. I set these up in a grid, using furniture, but not locking them in a chase. This allowed for the type to move and fall, changing with every run of the press. I originally thought that the letters would just move around, but as I began I discovered that they were falling over as I inked them. So, I decided to run the press as usual, as many times as necessary until each of the letters had fallen over. This resulted in stacks of paper, and when put in order the letters appeared to jump or move around the page. I decided to bind them all into a book so that I could keep them all together, but didn’t go into too much design work for the covers or binding as I wanted the book to feel like the experiment it was.

Chance Operation

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Allison System

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I I put my own film photographs through the process of copying and repeating vertical sections of the photograph to create an overall stuttering effect, suggesting the passing time with a still photo.

System of Choice / Sarah Verity

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my one week system

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I cut out a 1 by 1 inch square right corner of every page in a magazine, and glued them together, corner by corner. (They stayed in the exact order of the magazine). In total, I used up 15 magazines, that ranged from RISD catalogs to magazines like Good House Keeping.

Circle Poster

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Week 9 Blue Sheet

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* Lecture by Ernesto in auditorium
* Critique of ‘Generating System’ project
* Assign final project

Final project
Systems project of your choice
Define system as you wish: as a finite set of parts that form a whole, or as rules or instructions that generate a result. Or define it as both.

Suitable projects range from the familiar to the obscure. Some examples:
1. A set of postage stamps
2. A set of book cover jackets
3. Wayfinding systems or waylosing systems
4. Process Book
5. Software
6. Short film using system as method
7. Installation/Live Act/Walking Tour
8. Typographic system
9. A system for organizing live information

Your end-of-semester deliverable depends on the project. We can discuss deliverables based on the project next week. For unprinted works, a process book may be your deliverable.

Be sure to take on a project that interests you and for which you can justifiably say is a system. Avoid client projects because outside constraints often affect the direction your project takes. Take risks, stretch your work in these final weeks of your junior year.

Reflective Essay
Instead of a process book, I am asking you to write at least a page of text that will complement the online documentation of your final project.

This text should describe the end forms, communicate concepts both visible and not, and reflect upon the work post-facto. Consider also answering why you chose the system you did, and how your views of systems have evolved through the course.

This piece of writing will be graded. It is due the week after the last day of class. Please associate it to the Category “Reflective Essay” on the class blog.

For next week
Choose a project, research relevant aspects of it, and begin the work. For instance, if you are designing a series of stamps, research shapes and existing stamp designs from the U.S. and worldwide. For all of your projects, find precedents that inspire and give us an idea of what you’re making. Short of designing stamps, bring in images, type samples and the other material that will fuel your design.

We will meet in small groups and have individual meetings. The projects are to be completed by the week after our final class.

Next week’s class
We will meet in our classroom at 11:20am.
The lectures are over.



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