Falling Vowels

Posted by: on May 26, 2011

My Random/Generative system project was done as an experiment. I chose to play in the typeshop, using the vowels (because there was a lot of them) from one of the drawers of Univers. I set these up in a grid, using furniture, but not locking them in a chase. This allowed for the type to move and fall, changing with every run of the press. I originally thought that the letters would just move around, but as I began I discovered that they were falling over as I inked them. So, I decided to run the press as usual, as many times as necessary until each of the letters had fallen over. This resulted in stacks of paper, and when put in order the letters appeared to jump or move around the page. I decided to bind them all into a book so that I could keep them all together, but didn’t go into too much design work for the covers or binding as I wanted the book to feel like the experiment it was.

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