final project

Posted by: on May 27, 2011

I really like the interaction between art and design, so I’ve always wanted to do graphic design for various fields of art. I think when they meet together, they create an interesting synergy effect. So, for this final project, I wanted to create a visual system for a festival that happens annually during summers, in Seoul, Korea. This festival I chose among many other festivals, had interesting programs and presented many different type of performing arts. Also, this festival was open to every artist no matter they are famous or not, so many underground artists participate in this festival. As I researched more about this festival, I found out that the ticket prices are really cheap, schedules are tight, and the locations are very scattered. The concept of festival was interesting enough and they had full of contents, but I couldn’t really find a consistent visual element to tie them all together as a festival. So, I spent much time thinking about the possible systems and concepts, and the poster was the main part of it.

I wanted to make re-usable posters that they can keep using throughout the event, so I decided to use cut out windows in my posters so they can print photos and titles of performances without designing anything and easily put them into the poster. Also, for the visual element, I created patterns for each categories of performance inspired by rain since the festival is happening in summer. Each cut out window shape is a module for different rain patterns, and people can recognize from far, what type of performance is happening at the location.

I spent too much time thinking about the system, and creating a visual system that ties all different events together was kind of more work than I thought. So I didn’t have enough time forĀ  making catalogs that I planned, but I really enjoyed designing posters, and since I’ve been working on books and small stuffs whole year, this was challenging and fun at the same time.

Last fall semester, the classes I took such as, collage and color, required more instinctive decision on visuals. So I worked mostly with my instinct and inspirations until this semester, and had never set up systems before. Sometimes this class was not easy for me because I was not used to set up systems, but this class helped me to think more logically, and I really liked unexpected results that come out of the systems. I think, by creating visual system, people can understand and enjoy my design more and better.

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