Final System

Posted by: on May 27, 2011

For my system, I decided to find a different solution for a music score. Instead of having the regular music scores where it only means black and white circles to some people, I wanted to create something more beautiful and visually gratifying for anyone to enjoy and experience the emotional and visceral part of music.

I assigned different colors, sizes, opacity of circles, to different parts of instruments. The circles were arranged according to the grid i created which each “block” was made according to the 16th notes (having 16 of them per major). The bigger the circle, the longer the note. Also the more opaque or intense the color is, the more prominent or close to the leading melody the part is. There is a key on the beginning of the score that indicates different instruments, and there is the guideline for octaves and what kind of notes the instruments are playing towards the end of the the page.

After the crit we had last week, I did some revisions. I worked more on the score and made it so that it can become a cd case. I am planning to push this idea and create an actual motion music score on after effects that shows the growth of circles according to the time. (ex: the size of the circle means how important or loud the part is where as the more it is shown on the screen shows the length of the note. This motion movie will be burned in the cd along with the song to be packaged with the music score.

This class really helped me to think differently when I approach projects. I have learned to find or create a system with materials that may seem out of order, different, chaotic, or not relevant to each other. Either from discovering a system by taking a picture in certain way or by structuring a book so that the content looks coherent, I have learned to enjoy and appreciate visual system.



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